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it’s been an incredible journey so far – a story of love, passion, food/drinks and foremost… hospitality!
We both gained our love for good food & cooking from our childhood… Marcel has always been fascinated by his mom’s cooking and decided at the young age of 15 years to start his cooking education, meanwhile Angèle was always helping out as a young girl in her parents’ restaurant and as a teenager learned to wok from her mom.


At the age of 18, Marcel has completed his internship at the prestigious Victoria-Jungfrau hotel in Interlaken and commenced his career in several top restaurants in Switzerland,  including 2 Michelin starred establishments.

Four years later adventure is catching up and with the knowledge of only 3 English words at that time, he travels the world, while working 3 contracts with Seabourn cruises.

With the many places visited, Marcel dreams of one day working + living in Asia… A chance that comes his way after first working 2 years in New Zealand, followed by 5 years in Australia (where he also obtains citizenship). In 2001 Marcel moves to Bali – Indonesia, where he successfully opens a boutique hotel as Executive Chef and afterwards works 4 years for Aman Resorts.


Angèle’s upbringing in Breda is a mix between the Dutch + Chinese culture, however until 1991 (which is the year that she travels to Asia for the first time), she feels mainly Dutch! To her parents great surprise, Angèle chooses Hong Kong as the destination for her first internship during her college years at the Hotel Managementschool The Hague, and this is where she experiences true Asian hospitality with a taste for more… and therefore she also takes on the opportunity to finish up her studies with a management internship in Phuket – Thailand.

The plan was to spent 2 to 3 years in Asia to gain further experience, before coming back to The Netherlands… The reality turns out to be a total of 14 years in Asia in 6 different countries: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Maldives, Indonesia and back to Thailand where in 2005 Angèle works as the pre-opening Assistant General Manager for the newly developed lifestyle Dusit D2hotel in Chiang Mai.


Our story starts in 2006, when Marcel is ready for a new working challenge and starts as the Executive Chef at the Chedi hotel in Chiang Mai. In this city the first plans were born for Block 62 – our own restaurant with Bed & Breakfast and shop – and in 2007 we decide to take a sabbatical and travel around the world for 4 months to seek new inspiration!


Inspiration is found in Buenos Aires and upon our return to The Netherlands we find the building where our dream can come true… the restaurant that Angèle’s parents owned in the 70’s is in need of extensive renovations, but luckily Marcel can visualize the potential of the building. With this idea in mind we decide to return to Asia for one more contract and see whether we can be as good of a team professionally as well as personally!

Six Senses Resort Yao Noi in Thailand is situated on a small island with only 4500 inhabitants, and here we have the chance to work as a management couple. In the meantime students from the Hotel Managementschool The Hague are working on their thesis for us to check out the opportunity of opening up a new concept at the Ginnekenweg in Breda.

On March 29th 2012 our dream comes true with the opening of an unique hospitality concept in one of the most upcoming areas in the city of Breda. Pure food, quality over quantiy and hospitality from the heart!

We could have never imagined the awards and nominations that followed, the beautiful friendships with guests and foremost the assistance of a great team throughout the years.

After 6 years and 2 months the last day of operation for Block 62 on June 2nd 2018… symbolic and meaningful as most of our actions have been over the years.


We are ready to share our knowledge and love for hospitality with others. With LH Hospitality Consultants we are ready to work hands-on with you in your company, assist with advise and training to management as well as employees and set up your business to make it more successful.
Whether you have a established business or just a mere dream…